Reflections of Al-Ghazali’s Thought Spectrum on The Scholarship of East and West

  • Abdul Jabbar Qamar, Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal University of the Punjab
Keywords: Ghazali, Muslim Philosophy, Mysticism, Orthodox, Meta Physics, Orientalism


Research on the development and convergence of philosophical ideas has increased significantly in the past decades. Though, this scholarship has concentrated mostly on western philosophical developments, and a plethora of eastern scholarly work on metaphysics has been overnighted by the western researchers. On the other hand, a few of the western scholars have emphasized on Muslim thoughts, writings and metaphysical works, denoting it as source for western envisage and conceptualizations. This paper composes reflections of various western and eastern scholars about one of such influential scholars Al-Ghazali in the historical journey of mystical and philosophical developments. A critical review on Al-Ghazali’s influence on various dimensions and perspectives have been presented towards end of the discussion.  It is anticipated that this conjectural examination will stimulate more informed research among writers and thinkers, who have a global and comparative philosophical interest.


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