Muslim Responses to Islamophobia: An Analytical Study

  • Dr. Ghulam Mustafa
  • Dr. Zia Ur Rehman
Keywords: Islamophobia, Westophobia, Discrimination, Prejudice, Fear, Decipher


It is fact that the Islamophobia is the mixture of fear, prejudice and hate against all the Muslims all over the world especially against the religion, mosques, Islamic center, the Quran etc. In this article, it will be deciphered the denotative meaning of Islamophobia. Connotative meaning will also be explained. It will also be demonstrated that the behavior of discrimination, stigmatization and all such type of other things will also bring to light. It will also be shown to the people what was the process to respond the non-Muslims working against Islam in the period of holy prophet (PUBH). Going ahead in the age and period of companions of THE Prophet (PBUH) what was the method to discuss to the non-Muslims about the Islamophobia. With the passage of time the events have been occurred just like first world war, 9/11 etc. and islamophobia was flying high. Similarly, many radical groups entered into this line to show their sympathy with Islam against the Westophobia such type of events has been took place in the past time and the western scholars and Muslims scholars had been working according to their thoughts, the people were adopting such thoughts of the scholars from both sides and were acting accordingly. The history tells us that the hatred, fear and thoughts against Islam were spreading since the age of holy Prophet (PBUH) till today. keeping in view all the events, seminars and meeting etc., established against the Muslims will be discussed in detail in this article and will try to make out positive results and conclusion at the end of this article so that Islamophobia and the responses of the Muslims will be concluded according to the rules and standards of international laws and religions also.


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