Arabic: (1) اختلاف الرواة وأثره في تعليل الأحاديث دراسة تطبيقية في مسند البزار

  • محمد أنس محمد شعيب + عبدالشكور ظهير


The importance of the "Sunnah" or "Hadith" is clearly understood in Islam. Following this the knowledge of "Sound" and "Unsound" Ahadith is very important also. This article is addressing a very critical side of "Siences of Hadith". "Ikhtilaaf of the Narrators" or The Differences in the Chains and the Texts of the Prophetic Ahadith is a topic related to "Ilal-Al-Hadith". Differences between the Narrators have critical affect on the authenticity of Ahadith, here it is explained that what "Ikhtilaaf" is in terminology of the "Scholars of Hadith", their views regarding the issue, Types of Ikhtilaaf and status or validity of every type. The methodology of tackling the differences and the steps, preferences while removing them. Finally, some applied examples has been provided about the "Ikhtilaaf" from an important original reference book of Hadith "Musnad Al-Bazzar" which is compiled during the golden period of Narrating the Ahadith...3rd Century (A.H).