Submission Guidelines

 Authors are required to read the following guidelines carefully and follow them in letter and spirit. This will help their research articles’ publication as expeditiously as possible. The Journal deserves the right to reject a research article that is not in line with these instructions. Also, if a manuscript is not consistent with the scholarly aims and objectives of the journal, it may be repudiated without being sent out for further review. 

Submission of the Manuscript

It is mendatory for a manuscript to be published that it should not have been hitherto published nor it should be under consideration elsewhere. Moreover, it should have the consent of co-authors, if any. The manuscript should also have the approval of the higher authorities – implicitly or explicitly – at the place where the manuscript saw the day light. The publisher does not have any responsibility if there arises any claims for compensation.


It is indispensable for authors desiring to incorporate tables, figures or text passages which have hitherto been published in other journals to seek permission from the copyright owner(s) for the print and online format as well. It is also required that authors should obtain proof that has been accorded at the time of submission of their manuscripts. Any material lacking such evidence will be considered to be originated from the authors.

Online Submission

All the manuscripts will be submitted online in accordance with the instructions given on the screen. It is incumbent upon the authors to upload all apposite editable source files. Any negligence in submitting such source files may lead to unneeded delays in the review and publication process.