Author Guidelines

Research Article Length

The word count for a submitted research article must range between 6,000 to 10,000 words.


An abstract of 200-250 words should be uploaded. The abstract should contain a background, a defined purpose, methodology to be adopted, the results and a conclusion. Moreover, the abstract should comprise of  5-10 keywords that can be used for indexing purposes.


 Title Page

A title page should contain:

  1. The name (s) of the author (s).
  2. Compact and informative title.
  3. The affiliation (s) of the author (s).
  4. An active email address of the corresponding author.

The author is advised to follow Turabian Manual 9th edition for formating a reseacrh article.

Ethical Responsibilities

Integrity and probity are the hallmarks of good character and these traits are also valued much in the realm of research and intellect. Thus, authors are expected to follow the following ethical guidelines while submitting their manuscripts:

  1. The manuscript should not be submitted to two journals at the same time.
  2. The submitted manuscript should be a genuine, fresh and new one and should not have been published in any other journal in any form or language.
  3. A single study should not be divided into numerous parts in order to enhance the quantity of the submissions and sent to many journal or to one journal overtime.
  4. Results should be prepared in an honest, just and clear way. Any fabrication or falsification or improper data manipulation is strictly prohibited.
  5. Plagiarism is through and through dishonesty so it must be relinquished while doing the stupendous job of research. So, authors must mention the sources which they have benefitted from. 
  6. Immense and self-citation or coordinated endeavours among numerous authors to collectively self-cite is not a good habit and is highly discouraged.
  7. Authors should avoid personal onslaughts and attacks.
  8. Authors are strictly advised to ensure the order of the authors is correct at the time of submission. Adding or deleting authors during the process of review is not allowed.
  9. No changes can be made to the authorship of the manuscript after the manuscript is accepted.
  10. Journal is not bound to publish every manuscript that is in the review process.
  11. Any error found after the publication of the paper must be corrected by the authors and this must be informed to the publisher, too.
  12. Papers submitted for publication must be beneficial to society and state as well.
  13. To instantaneously make the editor or publisher aware of the grave error occurred in their publications and submit an erratum, addendum or corrigendum notice to be published or draw back the article downright if the need arises.
  14. To admit and cite sources whose contents overlap in the submitted manuscript and to provide the editor with a copy of any such article(s) that might comprise of overlapping material

Role of Corresponding Author

One of the authors is regarded as the corresponding author who acts on behalf of all the co-authors makes sure that queries regarding the accuracy and integrity of any part of the manuscript are properly addressed. Following are the responsibilities of the corresponding author.

  1. Ensuring that all the co-authors have given their approval before the submission of the manuscript, incorporating the names and the order of the authors.
  2. Managing all sort of communications between the journal and the co-authors before and after the publication of the paper.
  3. Ensuring transparency regarding re-use of material and describe any unpublished material incorporated in the article in cover letter to the editor.
  4. Ensuring that disclosures, declarations and transparency on data statements from all co-authors are incorporated in the paper as appropriate.

Changes to Authorship

Authors are strongly advised to the correct authors group, the corresponding author and the order of the authors before the submission of the manuscript. Any change whatsoever is not allowed after the acceptance of the manuscript. Note that authors’ names will be published in accordance with the sequences of the names as they appear on the accepted paper. Make sure that all the names, email addresses, and affiliations of the authors are correct. During revision process, addition or deletion of authors is strictly prohibited. However, Editor-in-Chief has the right to entertain any such request for the change in authorship.

Author identification

Authors are advised to use their ORCID ID when submitting an article for consideration or acquire an ORCID ID via the submission process.

Authorship issues or disputes

During peer-review stage or after acceptance/publication, if a dispute regarding the authorship of the manuscript arises, the journal will not be in position to adjudicate or investigate into the dispute. Thus, it will be the sole responsibilities of the authors to resolve the issue themselves. However, if they remain unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, the journal have the right to withdraw the paper from editorial process or in case of a published article raise the dispute with the author (s) institution (s) and abide by its guidelines.


All communications with the Journal’s dignitaries and representatives like Editor-in-Chief or Handling editors and information regarding the reviewers’ reports are to be kept confidential unless clear consent has been obtained to share information.

After acceptance

After a manuscript is accepted, it will be undergone typesetting. Once typesetting is accomplished, author (s) will receive a link asking him/them to corroborate his/their affiliation, choose the publishing model for his/their article as well as arrange rights and payment of any associated publication cost. After the accomplishment of all this, the manuscript will be processed and the author (s) will receive a proof.

Online First

The paper will be published online first. It will be the first official publication citable with the DOI. After release of the printed version, the paper can also be cited by issue and page numbers.