(7) اسباب الانحراف فی فھم الحدیث النبوی

  • غلام مصطفی


This article makes the rooms for understanding the reasons of deviation in the Hadith. This research also examines the reasons for the purpose. It also increases the knowledge that there are eight deviations between the general and the particular variation. And these eight deviations actually can be divided into two main sections, firstly, in the grounds which belongs to the deficiencies and imbalances. Secondly, in the grounds belongs to the person. In this particle, some points have been given to understand the reasons for deviation in the Hadith.

It is very important that there are three main reasons about the same person, first reason is to Atasb, the second reason is hyper pole and Altsdd, the third reason is, distance from scientists. So, keeping in view the all deviations mentioned above, we should try to understand the foot and throw light on the true facts and enhance our knowledge and augment our senses to touch the realities and truths in such type of hurdles and confusions.